Read All The Lyrics To Summer Walker’s New EP ‘CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE’.


. And you'll get to free your mind.

Sep 3, 2021 · [Pre-Chorus] I'm trying to be somebody else I'm finding it hard to love myself I've wanted to be somebody new But that is impossible to do [Chorus] I'm running out of my mind Is this really my.


I know that in the morning, I'll see us in the light up on the hill. Hello. 409 views 6 months ago.

There is nobody who can do what you do.

by Leah DegraziaMay 19 2023. . In all my darkness , she will guide me.

Always on my mind. And you'll see the sunshine for real, yes you would.


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You should know, everywhere I go. you're in my.

Always on my mind, in my heart. .

my life there's places I've seen, Places.
[Verse 1] Take me out tonight Where there's music and there's people And they're young and alive Driving in your car I never, never want to go home Because I haven't got one anymore Take me out.



We're so in love when we're together. You're the inspiration. .

. There is nobody who can do what you do. " Although, rather than simply saying, "I love you," the writer. . .

We're so in love when we're together.

In my life there's things I have done,. place that I'd rather be I reach put to touch you.


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