Dimension-hopping series Sliders remains a cult favorite, but here's why John Rhys-Davies' Professor Arturo was killed off in favor of Maggie Beckett.


Not the lady at the end of the episode who decided to stay more in the middle of the episode when Arturo Rembrandt Wade thought Quinn had died while they got stuck in the pyramid they opened up the gate and didn't slide but the only time in the series we see someone go in that gate not the main group by themselves. 5.

Answer (1 of 2): The final episode of ‘Sliders’ was “The Seer.

Sep 21, 2022 · Sliders is an American science fiction television series that ran for five seasons from 1995 to 2000.

Aug 10, 2022 · In Sliders, Sabrina Lloyd played Wade Welles, a friend, and co-worker of Quinn Mallory. Geiger knew he had to eliminate the other sliders if his merger with Mallory succeeded. What happened to Wade and the Professor on Sliders? Last season, on Sliders: Professor Arturo was killed.


"What happened? You even used a dedicated line to contact me again. . The sci-fi series followed a group of “sliders,” who travel between parallel universes and learn about alternate versions of Earth.

6. Wade Welles 1 episode, 1999 Steve O'Connor.

This is a sorry tale of what might happen to your character if you cross The Man.

The Professor was fired because he had a beef with some producer, and when that producer worked on and took over Sliders.

. The chemistry between Quinn, Wade, Arturo, and Rembrandt is infectious and it’s brilliantly introduced.

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Dec 29, 2022 · Sliders.


The problem then became that Sci-Fi executives and Sliders ' current producers felt the Colin Mallory character only made sense alongside Quinn, and.

. . Lloyd would gain fame in a recurring TV role from 1995-1999 as Wade Welles in Sliders.

My deepest thanks go to the keepers and authors of the Quantum Leap FAQs and Ed Hall, keeper of the most-excellent Sliders FAQ, for reminding me of crucial details; to my beta readers David J. In Luck of the Draw, the season 1 finale, Wade’s love interest, Ryan slides with them to the next world. Mar 22, 2020 · Sabrina Lloyd. Wade and Remy tell Quinn that they will stand by him if he wants to come forward. There is a television series based on their exploits, and even a religion called Slidology. The merc paced back and forth in the towers common room.


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Eighteen months after they had been separated, Wade was finally able to communicate to Rembrandt through the multiverse and send the sliders to the.

Sliders proved Jerry O'Connell had leading man potential after his childhood role in Stand By Me.


Weiss and Tracy Tormé.

The chemistry between Quinn, Wade, Arturo, and.